About PNA

The Polish National Alliance of the United States of North America, popularly known today as the PNA or the Alliance, is the largest of all ethnically-based fraternal insurance benefit societies in this country.

The PNA was formed in 1880 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Chicago, Illinois by emitter patriots, whose aim was to unite the members of the Polish immigrant community in America of that time behind the twin causes of Poland's independence and their own advancement into the mainstreams of American society.

In 1881, the PNA set up its own newspaper, Zgoda [Harmony] to promote its objectives to the larger community. In 1885, it established an insurance program for the material benefit of all who wished to join the Alliance. And from the early 1890s onward, it created a variety of programs aimed at enlightening the members of the Polish population in the United States about their heritage and their citizen rights and obligations as Americans.

To further advance these aims, the PNA established its own daily newspaper in Chicago, Dziennik Zwiazkowy, known today as The Polish Daily News.

Today, PNA sponsors various activities around the country, including the district 12 and 13 youth camps. For more information about PNA, visit their website.

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